by Kerrie James



Posted on June 7, 2011 at 2:29 PM Comments comments (3)

How was your weekend?  Mine?  It was quite typical right until approximately 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  Let's back it up a bit to Sunday morning, when I planned to take the day for prepping for a sewing project.  After doing some basic chores, my husband took the boys to the playground (literally across the street) so that I could cut fabric uninterrupted. 

I laid my materials out on our tea table and then, tea tables being low, I grabbed two floor pillows and plopped myself down to crafting happiness.  I cut nearly all the pieces required when I realized my right leg was completely asleep.  I wiggled my right leg out from under my left leg and pillow and as my leg seemed to awaken with the familiar pins and needles feeling, I realized a sharper pain coming from my toes.  I looked down and could not believe what I saw.  I then turned to my daughter and said, " ... I think I need your help, I have a crochet hook stuck in my toe."  After 15 minutes of trying to remove the 1.5mm crochet hook from my toe, I conceded - it was time to go to the hospital. 

Once at the hospital, with great help from both my husband and daughter, the doctor looked down and said, "You did this to yourself?"  I had to chuckle and say, "Well yes, but not intentionally."  A few more laughs were had and some tears before the hook was finally removed from my toe.  I was never so happy to stand in my life.

Though the hook was removed, I still had to stay at the hospital before I was released.  Forty minutes later, with nothing in my hands, I found myself quite antsy and eager to get out of the hospital.  As though on cue, my youngest son could be heard screaming in the waiting room.  I let the nurse know that the screaming child was mine and I really must get going and shortly after, we left for home.

And now, it is Tuesday morning and I have so many projects to get to, crochet being one.  This time though, I am using an 5 mm hook, so I think I'm safe ;-)

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