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Make It Monday: Mending

Posted on November 22, 2011 at 4:20 AM

In a full house of six, there is always something in need of mending, but this past week seemed to be the week of Mending!  In hindsight, I wish I had taken photos of all the items before repair because frankly, I am quite impressed in some of the repairs, if I do say so myself! (all finished pics on Wednesday)


For a few weeks now, I knew that our favorite knitted blanket (gifted by friends in the Monthly Adventures Group) was once again in need of repair.  The last time it was simply a matter of re-sewing blocks to blocks.  This time, however, I had to repair some of the blocks, re-knitting in some cases.  It really was quite an undertaking but by starting early in the morning and taking as many moments as I could throughout the day and into the evening, I was able to finish by bedtime.


Before heading to work the next day, my husband presented me his leather jacket.  He read my puzzled face and promptly turned the jacket inside-out, showing the satin lined sleeve completely torn, frayed and quite a mess.  In his ever constant desire to be helpful , he suggested I simply tuck the frayed parts and sew the rip closed.  I only nodded and he was on his way.  Once he left I examined the tear carefully.  I had no intention of taking his suggestion as it would only create a larger mess later down the road.  


It seemed that I had a few options: (1) tear out the sleeve and replace it, (2) patch the sleeve or (3) re-weave or darn the sleeve.  Since I did not have any satin on hand for either replacing the sleeve or patching the sleeve, I opted to re-weave the torn section of the sleeve.  It truly seemed rather hopeless at first but in the end it looked great, considering.


That very evening, I noticed that my eldest son had torn yet another pair of pants - and new pants no less!  I don't know how he does it but he manages to tear the knees of nearly every pair of pants he owns.  And so, my evening - which was to be set aside for knitting - was now to spent mending pants … again.


The next day I realized I had a project which deadline was drawing near.  My son's piano instructor and wife are expecting twins in December.  Initially I had planned to knit booties, caps and cocoons but found out that their very close friend is a knitter and realized these items may be 'covered'.  I then opted to simply create a care package of spa cloths, organic soap, lotion and Mom-stuff.  So I spent the day stash diving and made several cotton spa cloths to gift and a few to keep.


That evening I did knit a bit but learned that my favorite DPN case is no longer adequate for all my DPNs.  I sorted the DPNs, separating by size and length.  The most used DPNs (0-2.5) were stored in my case, leaving the remaining DPNs homeless.  I went to my Fat Quarter stash, turned on the sewing machine and made a quick DPN case for the longer needles.  It isn't perfect but it does the job!


Sunday night, after my daughter's all-day dress rehearsal for Drama Club, I spent the evening repairing her costume.  The borrowed costume has certainly seen better days, the chiffon sleeves had been torn from cuff to elbow.  It took a few hours but I was able to finish the repair and while not perfect, I did try to make it pretty - though no one from the audience will see it.


Which takes us to Monday, when my youngest showed me his blankie.  The store-bought cotton blanket has thinned terribly over the last few years and the thin binding had come undone.  I spent about an hour ripping the seams to remove the binding completely, and then seamed the edges of the blanket to prevent it from fraying.  I am not sure just yet as to the binding, I think I will let him choose the fabric for it.  In the meantime, I think I need to teach the older kids and the husband how to sew!



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